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IBA Group Insurance Trust Pathways to Health Webinar

Watch Part 1 (approximately 9 minutes)
Watch Part 2 (approximately 9 minutes)

Webinar FAQ

Venipuncture (blood draw) vs finger stick?
Each location will choose when scheduling their screening with Strategic Health whether or not the screening biometric data will be captured through finger stick or venipuncture. This is a location decision; whatever is decided will be the method used to collect biometric data for all participants. You will not be able to have some participants utilize venipuncture and some finger stick.

Is there a difference in price for venipuncture vs finger stick?
No, pricing is the same for both methods.

In regard to the online sign-up process, can the sign-up be controlled by one person?
Please work with Strategic Health when they reach out to you to schedule your screening. Please keep in mind that the online sign-up is also where each participant will complete the necessary forms such as the consent form to go through the screening.

Why are the health screenings required during the summer months?
Due to the new wellness program beginning in May it created a short program year, 8 months. We needed to condense the screening months in order to have all screenings completed which will also aid participants when working online to earn their 40 credits. We will evaluate the screening time frame at the end of the year and take into consideration whether or not we need to make changes. We also have moved to a screening timeframe versus allowing groups to screen during all months of the year in order to be able to have a "stopping" point for aggregate reporting.

Can the onsite screenings handle walk-ins or once signed up can participants switch times the day of the screening?
Please work with Strategic Health when they reach out to you to schedule your screening for any special circumstances you foresee that may arise at your location.

It was mentioned that spouses and non-insured employees could participate; is the program available to everyone?
The Trust is subsidizing a portion of the wellness cost for those who are primary on the medical plan. If you would like to include non-insured employees or spouses in the screening only, the fee is $55. If you would like non-insured employees or spouses to be a part of the whole program, the fee is $10.75 per person per month and Capstone would need to know before May 1, 2012 if you are including these individuals. Otherwise, beginning May 1, 2012, you will be billed $2.40 per primary insured per month.

Are Directors included?
Yes anyone who is primary on the medical plan is included in wellness.

When will the portal be available for participants to begin logging in?
The Strategic Health web portal will be available beginning May 15, 2012.

How will the 5% discount be applied going forward?
Beginning May 1, 2013 the discount will be applied at the individual medical premium level. In order to receive the 5% discount, employees will need to complete the health screening, online assessment and earn 40 credits through Strategic Health's web portal, My Pathways to Health. Whoever meets the requirements receives the discount. The group is not penalized for those who do not participate. If an employee does not participate or does not meet the requirements, they do not earn the 5% discount. We are no longer looking at group participation but are now focused on individual responsibility for participating.

You mentioned that employees have access to the site via an app for I-phones, is this free?
Yes, the app is free and will soon be available for Droid phone users as well.

We do not have 30 participants are our location, can we still have an onsite screening?
Yes! If you have less than 30 participants at a location, you can still have an on-site screening and will be charged a small site fee of $295 for each location screening with less than 30 participants.

Who at Strategic Health will be contacting me to schedule the on-site screening?
Annie Stoub with Strategic Health will be reaching out to all Coordinators within the next few weeks to set up your screening date. Please be prepared to let her know which method your location will use to collect the biometric data (finger stick or blood draw).

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